Terms & Conditions

These terms of service govern your access and use of www.olsonsgroup.com (the ‘website’) and the purchase of any services offered, or products and components supplied (‘services’). Please read carefully before purchasing any product or service, should you not agree with any clause contained within these terms then please do not continue to purchase from Olsons Group Ltd as you will be bound by the said provision contained herein.

General terms and conditions of business.

  1. This document (referred to as ‘agreement’ or ‘contract’) forms an agreement that becomes binding between the individual, company, firm or other legal entity (referred to as ‘the buyer’ or ‘you’) on the date of using the website and/or purchasing goods/services.
  2. Olsons Group Ltd (referred to as ‘Olsons Group’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’) means any of its staff, Directors or premises owned or controlled by Olsons Group Ltd.
  3. Where these terms relate to more than one person, the liability is joint and severable. Invoices are payable by you, regardless of any arrangement you may have with any third party.
  4. Where you are a Limited Company (irrespective of its formation), we require Director(s)/Controlling shareholder(s) to guarantee your liabilities to us or provide suitable security for payment.
  5. These terms supersede any previous versions and apply to all contracts of sale, installation, or maintenance that we provide and may be amended or terminated at any time. Any termination or amendment will be effective from the date the amended version is posted onto our website. Continuous use of the services after the date of amendment will signify your acceptance of the revised terms.
  6. Where services are accepted and/or purchased on behalf of a company or other legal entity you confirm that you have the authority to enter into such an agreement with us.
  7. You confirm that email correspondence is authority that you agree to such communications. If you wish to communicate with us by email, by accepting these terms you understand the risk of doing so and you authorise us to act upon electronic instructions which have been transmitted (or appear to have been transmitted) by you.
  8. Any person under the age of 18 is not permitted to use or purchase services.


  1. Unless stated otherwise payment is due upon order of goods which can be made either by bank transfer (BACS) Debit or Credit Card. Please note that credit card payments will be subject to a 3% processing fee. Alternatively, we can offer a leasing option as per clause 13.
  2. No account or order shall discount be deductible from VAT.
  3. In matters where we need to make payments to third parties to cover expenses, we will ask for this payment upfront to prevent delays on your matter.
  4. Ownership of the goods supplied shall remain the property of Olsons Group Ltd until paid for in full by the buyer, inclusive of VAT in full.
  5. On lease payment options offered by us, the buyer acknowledges and accepts that this is provided by a third-party leasing company, which is highlighted at the time of contracting. We are not responsible or liable for any leasing contracts. We strongly recommend you take your own independent legal advice before entering into any lease options and we accept no responsibility should you refuse, or not obtain, such legal advice.
  6. We reserve the right to demand payment of all outstanding balances whether due or not and we further reserve the right to cancel or postpone any contracted works until payment has been received should we have reasonable doubt as to the buyers ability or willingness to pay on or by the invoiced due date.
  7. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we reserve the right to charge interest on overdue invoices at a statutory rate of 8% per month over the Natwest Bank base rate from the date the invoice became overdue until payment is made and the account settled.
  8. If we are required to issue proceedings to recover any fees or disbursements and we are successful in such proceedings, you agree that any costs (including legal and/or advisory costs) incurred in collection of said debts are recoverable in full even if the amount claimed is suitable for the small claims track.
  9. The buyer is not entitled to make any deduction to any invoice or sums due in respect of any alleged rights to set-off or counter claims unless such amounts have been expressly acknowledged and agreed by the Director in writing.


  1. Quotations produced by Olsons Group Ltd are made on the basis of these terms and conditions.
  2. Except where the price is expressly stated to be fixed for a period of time any estimate, quotation or order may be amended in price, when necessary, to cover any increase in cost of production, delivery or installation, which may occur between the contract date and the date of installation.
  3. All variations to orders must be confirmed in writing and will be added to the cost of your order.
  4. All our services shall be carried out by the company between the hours of Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays).
  5. Works (where required) are quoted and priced on the basis of free access and unrestricted working during the hours as listed in clause 21 unless otherwise agreed.

Delivery of goods/services

  1. All prices stated within quotations are exclusive of packing and carriage charges, which will be paid by the buyers (when required) unless stated otherwise.
  2. Where products are fitted by third party suppliers we accept no responsibility for this installation.
  3. The buyer shall inspect goods immediately upon delivery (unless inspection cannot be carried out and the delivery note states ‘not inspected/checked’) goods will be deemed to have been delivered and accepted.
  4. We shall not be liable for any defects or shortages of goods where inspection of the said goods has not been carried out and whereby the buyer fails to notify us within 3 days of delivery of goods or defect.
  5. Where defective or shortage of goods is reported we shall endeavour to rectify the issue within a reasonable timeframe and shall not be held liable for any loss whatsoever arising from the defect or shortage of said goods.
  6. We shall give an estimate of delivery times. In the event of delay in delivery the buyer shall not be eligible to claim compensation for damages suffered. This clause shall not apply in cases of intentional action on our part or gross negligence, in such events compensation is limited to 5% of the relevant goods or service in total.
  7. We shall not be held liable for the damage or loss of goods in transit. Our liability is limited (at our discretion) to repair, replacement or a credit note to the buyer to the value of the damaged or lost goods.
  8. Should asbestos be suspected or discovered on installation site the buyer shall provide us with an asbestos management report detailing the type of asbestos, its location and controls in respect of exposure. Where needed the buyer is responsible for the professional removal of asbestos, approvals and shall provide us with confirmation paperwork. We shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time for this.

Transfer of Risk

  1. Risk of any accidental damage or destruction shall pass to the buyer at the point of delivery and the company shall not be liable for the safety of the goods thereafter. Whether or not the goods have been paid for in full or not.

Termination, Cancellation and Assignment

  1. We reserve the right to modify or terminate your order with or without notice to you.
  2. Products that are specially made to order, cannot be cancelled and are non-returnable or refundable.
  3. We shall be entitled to assign all or any rights under the contract and perform any obligations via third parties or subcontractors.
  4. The buyer may not assign or transfer the contract without prior written consent of Olsons Group Ltd.

Force majeure

  1. We shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of our obligations if the delay or failure is due to events or circumstances outside our reasonable control. We reserve the right to exercise this clause with or without notice, as a result of (this list is not exhaustive) impossibility of performance, acts of nature, act of God, epidemic, pandemic, legislation, war, fire, drought, power failure, lock-out or strike, providing incorrect information which we have relied on, material breach of your obligations to us.
  2. Should this occur then you are liable for our charges and expenses up to the point of us notifying you of our intentions in respect of this clause and we shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of our obligations and time without prejudice after notifying you of the nature and extent of such events.


  1. The fees referred to for our services on our website are all subject to the addition of VAT where applicable (and any other taxes whether UK or overseas which may arise). All fees will state VAT amounts, which is currently 20%.

Intellectual property

  1. Any intellectual property rights associated with the supply of goods shall be the absolute property of the Company and we do not permit the buyer, without prior written consent from us to:
  1. Copy our content;
  2. Distribute our content; adapt, modify or translate our content;
  3. Use, lease or attempt to grant others the right to our content; or
  4. Use the Olsons Group Ltd brand or third party trademarks or use such branding or trademarks to suggest we are affiliated or endorse the buyer.
  1. In respect of third party intellectual property that is featured on our website – this may be owned by the third party and does not belong to us and remains the property of the third party proprietor.
  2. The buyer agrees to permit us to show images or text on our website in respect of any works carried out by us for them. This shall be done royalty-free and unlimited.

Data protection

  1. We will not disclose to any third party any personal data without your consent unless requested in accordance by agencies or for regulatory purposes.
  2. We confirm we have complied and shall continue to comply at all times with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the retained EU Law version of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) (“UK GDPR”) by virtue of S3 of the European Union (withdrawal) Act 2018 together with any additional applicable data protection and privacy laws in force from time to time, in the UK.

Complaints procedure

  1. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service provided, you should first refer it to Complaints Team at sales@olsonsgroup.com or to our registered address (41 Boulton Road, Reading, RG2 0NH) who will investigate and take appropriate action within a reasonable period of time.

Limitation of liability

  1. You agree not to bring any claim for any losses against any member, officer, director, employee or consultant of Olsons Group Ltd. You hereby agree that a staff member of Olsons Group Ltd does not have a personal duty of care to you and any claim for losses must be brought against the company.
  2. We shall not be liable to the buyer for any damages whatsoever including any special, indirect damages, loss of profits, revenue or goodwill or any type of consequential loss, business interruption or loss or damage of information or data. Whether in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence), in equity, statute or otherwise and whether there has been detriment or suffering as a result of third-party action; even where it was reasonably foreseeable or where the buyer had been advised of the possibility of the matter/action occurring.
  3. Where goods are designed to reduce the risks of loss or damage, we do not warrant that the goods cannot be deactivated, bypassed or otherwise rendered ineffective and in any event we shall not be held liable in respect of any loss, damage caused in said circumstances.
  4. We will not be liable for any third party or in respect of any consequential losses or loss of profits.
  5. The exclusions and limitations in this paragraph will not exclude or limit any liability for fraud or dishonesty or for liabilities, which cannot lawfully be limited or excluded.
  6. Notwithstanding the clauses contained herein, we do not exclude or restrict any liability for the death or personal injury resulting from negligence on the part of Olsons Group Ltd.


  1. You agree to indemnify us, our Partners, Affiliates, Officers, Directors and Employees, harmless from any claim or demand against all costs, claims, charges and expenses which we shall incur by reason of (but not limited to):
  1. Misrepresentation by you or with your authority to third parties of advice given by us.
  2. Misrepresentation to third parties of the extent of our involvement in any particular service provided to you.
  1. You undertake to indemnify us against all costs, claims, charges and expenses of whatever nature which may arise as a result of any such information proving to be inaccurate (whether wholly or in part) or incomplete. Including obtaining advice in respect to any settlement arising from libellous, infringement, proprietary or personal rights in providing services to you.

Rights of Third Parties

  1. The contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 will not apply to these Terms of Business unless stated otherwise.

Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013

  1. The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 will apply to individuals and not business contracts. This means the individual has the right to cancel your instructions to us within 14 days of contracting. You can cancel your instructions by notifying us in writing. If the buyer requests work to start prior to this period and then proceeds to cancel, you may be charged for the work carried out up to the point of your cancellation instructions, which may include but is not exhaustive to materials ordered in preparation for the contracted works. Please note that urgent repairs or maintenance are exempt from these regulations.

Law and Jurisdiction

  1. These terms of business are subject to the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute or legal issue shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Should a court rule that any clause within these Terms are invalid/unenforceable this will not affect the validity of the rest of the Terms, which will remain in force.
  2. In the event of a dispute, we are willing to consider Mediation or Arbitration. The cost of the proceedings, disbursements, facilities and fees to be split between the parties. However, subject to the applicable arbitration legislation, the arbitrator may determine who shall be responsible for the costs of the arbitration and shall set out that determination in any award.

Contact information

If you have any queries about these terms of use please feel free to contact us. Our details are as follows.

  1. Email – sales@olsonsgroup.com
  2. Olsons Group Ltd – Registered Office: 41 Boulton Road, Reading, RG2 0NH.
  3. Registered Company Number: 12158170